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CoMSES Net is an international network of researchers, educators and professionals with the common goal of improving the way we develop, share, and use agent based modeling in the social and ecological sciences. Learn more
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Publish your Code

Preserve the digital artifacts used to derive a publishable finding in a trusted digital repository that supports discovery and good practices for software citation, reproducibility, and reuse. Docker support coming in phase 2
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming conferences, workshops, and other events of interest for the computational modeling community.

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CoMSES Net is dedicated to fostering open and reproducible scientific computation through cyberinfrastructure and community development. We develop and curate resources for model-based science including agent-based modeling tutorials, FAQs, and forums for discussions, job postings, and events.. We also develop and maintain the OpenABM Computational Model Library, a digital repository for code that supports discovery and good practices for software citation, reproducibility and reuse.

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Latest Jobs & Appointments

NetLogo developer position

Job Summary: The CCL Lab at Northwestern University is looking for a full-time Scala/Java Software Developer to work on the NetLogo desktop application, a celebrated modeling environment used in [...]

associate professorship at the Université Grenoble Alpes

The Université Grenoble Alpes has an opening for an Associate Professor. The successful candidate will conduct their research in one of the teams that is associated with the Interactive and Cognitive systems theme.

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Postdoc / Research Scientists

The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) is recruiting 2-3 highly qualified Post-Docs / Research Scientists to join the newly established Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography.