The Digging into Data MIRACLE prototype is slated for re-development as CoMSES Net builds new cyberinfrastructure to support open and reproducible scientific computation.
The goals and principles of the MIRACLE prototype are outlined in the following paper:
Xiongbing Jin, Kirsten Robinson, Allen Lee, J. Gary Polhill, Calvin Pritchard, Dawn C. Parker, A prototype cloud-based reproducible data analysis and visualization platform for outputs of agent-based models, Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 96, 2017, Pages 172-180, ISSN 1364-8152, (
Keywords: Reproducibility; Agent-based models; Big data
A screencast of the now defunct MIRACLE prototype application in action is also available:

CoMSES Net, the Network for Computational Modeling in Social and Ecological Sciences, joins the NSF West Big Data Innovation Hub as a spoke in NSF's new national Big Data network. CoMSES Net is dedicated to fostering open and reproducible scientific computation through cyberinfrastructure and community development.